Elroy Vojdani, MD

I started my career in medicine as an Interventional Radiologist diagnosing and treating complex late stage cancer and other extremely debilitating diseases. Ultimately my experience left me feeling that there was so much more that could be done. We as a medical community need to strive to prevent disease and its suffering from ever happening. I thus decided to re-focus my energy.

Functional medicine was the next logical step for me as I am lucky enough to have grown up in the field. My father, Dr. Aristo Vojdani, has been an extremely active researcher and educator in the fields of functional and integrative medicine for my entire lifetime. He has been dubbed the father of “Functional Immunology”. I grew up discussing the latest scientific and medical trends with him over dinner. On many occasions, I accompanied him to functional medicine conferences in their infancy watching him and other soon to be industry giants such as Dr. Jeffrey Bland pave a better and more informed pathway to practice medicine.

I applied everything I learned along the way to my own health. During medical school, I was over-weight, constantly fighting mental fatigue and fog, and suffering from multiple bouts of nasal sinus infection. A simple blood test (at the time only adopted by functional and alternative practices) revealed that I had significant immune reactivity to dairy and gluten. Following a dairy and gluten elimination diet my symptoms completely resolved. I felt as if I had a new lease on life. I have continued to personally follow the practices of functional medicine and continue to feel more focused and healthier than ever.

Functional medicine is without a doubt the future of medicine. I am thrilled to be able to offer its teachings and practices to you. This is life changing medicine.


My Career Path


Medical School
USC Keck School of Medicine


Transitional Medicine
Harbor UCLA


Diagnostic Radiology
USC Keck School of Medicine


Interventional Radiology
USC Keck School of Medicine